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My Story

I was born on March 15th, 2005, as Aidan Alec Hernandez. Growing up I was touted by my family as 'advanced', and 'gifted'. Personally, I've never felt as if any of these titles fit me. All the way up until high school, everything just came naturally to me. However when I hit Sophomore year, it felt as if I ran into a brick wall. Just as soon as I was getting my bearings in school, COVID-19 struck. However, even in that crazy time, I came out on top of all of my classes. Now in my senior year of high school, I intend on crushing it. Not only to make up for the lost time in these the past few years, but to also show myself that I've changed as a person since I was a freshman.

Engineers at work

My Goals

This year I intend on pushing myself to the max. I've always been told that I have the potential to fly when it comes to school if I just put in some effort, and I'm cranking that to 100 in order to soar. I not only want to expand my knowledge in engineering through my capstone PLTW class, but I also intend on broadening my social skills and circles.

When I first joined the PLTW Engineering program back in 2019, I didn't think it was going to be anything special. However after having been in the classes for 4 years, it's safe for me to say that it has been one of the most enjoyable school experiences EVER. Because of it, I have discovered a new passion in digital design, information technology, and in becoming a computer technician.


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